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Hi, I’m Kerry and I CHANGE LIVES

Over 20 years ago, I was told by two specialists that I wouldn’t be able to conceive children naturally. This started my deep dive into finding natural solutions for myself and I didn’t stop until I found ways to heal my body. I have 6 formal qualifications along with numerous certifications. I did indeed have my children naturally, who are now teenagers.

I have over 20 years’ experience assisting people and companies to exceed their performance expectations by ensuring they are healthy and balanced. While in South Africa, I received numerous awards, was featured in magazines and newspapers, had a TV show as well as my own radio show. I am passionate about creating Vitality Goddesses and Warriors, teaching deep wisdom on creating optimum health, wealth and joyful lifestyles to millions of people. 

An image of Kerry Dell standing, eyes are closed, and on prayer hands position on a landform near beach shoreline.

The 4 Main Areas of my business are as follows : 

I am an International Life Transformational Specialist and Natural Health Practitioner. My focus is to align the body's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through natural health practices. I see clients in my practice and complete a full health assessment on them, using the latest scientific frequency equipment.  I find the root cause of the symptoms and advise through nutrition, natural remedies and frequency healing ways to bring the body back into balance, allowing it to reactivate the healing process. 

As a Master Coach for both the WILDFIT and Vitality programs, I have coached over 10000 individuals internationally in the last 6 years. Through my programs, I empower people to attain long-term health and wellness by shedding excess weight and unwanted pathogens while increasing vitality and addressing food psychology, behavioral change, nutritional science with deep connections to your higher self.  I am also an Approved Mindvalley Head Coach for WILDFIT

3. I am a Master Coach on the Life Transformation Retreats in New Zealand and South Africa, where I assist my clients into a deep dive of their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and financial wellbeing.  When one or more of these are out of balance, it affects your whole life.  Through proven processes, I help you align all these areas of your life for a sustainable, joyful, productive, successful life.  

4. I train health coaches and health workers on enhancing or starting their own health business. (and anyone else wanting to start a natural health practice – I have trained Accountants, IT specialists, Corporate Professionals to successfully open their natural health business around the world). I focus the training on finding the root causes and activating deep healing and higher frequencies in the body.

5. Armed with state of the art body scanning technology and 25 years of transformative natural health and personal development experience, I am here to make your wellness goals a reality

An image of Kerry Dell standing, eyes are closed, and arms are positioned while on her sides.

Living life to the fullest

By putting living food into our living body, we increase the energy and healing capabilities of our magnificient body. We are truly miracles, and every cell in our body is on our side. By immersing ourselves in as much nature as possible, we tap into Mother Earth healing frequencies.

By aligning our thoughts, our feelings, and our intuition we move through our life in a flow. Life is good! I believe by connecting consciously to our subconscious soul, conscious and super conscious, we can thrive.

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