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Kerry Dell, Nature, Beach

Kerry Dell

Natural Health Practitioner
Life Transformational Specialist
Certified WILDFIT Master Coach
Wellness Activator

My Specializations

I specialize in Nutritional Science, Food Psychology and Behavioral Change, which results in reducing your metabolic age, weight loss, getting rid of the aches and pains in your body and bringing back your energy and vitality.


WILDFIT 90-day Challenge 

WILDFIT revolves around a direct focus on creating and sustaining a lifestyle that best suits you and your future.


Life Transforming Retreats

Discover a love of the wildlife and understand how you can protect them.  Time to let your guard down and totally de-stress.  Take time in quietude to reconnect. 


Vitality Lifestyle Coaching Certification

Transform Lives and Empower Others: Discover the Path to Becoming a Health Coach

Become a Frequency Health Coach!

28 Day Deep Cellular Cleanse 1.png

28-Days Deep Cellular Cleanse

Join the program and within 28 days, let's eliminate the pathogens and restore your vitality!

This is your TIME to HEAL!


Pathogen Scanner

Pathogen Scan is one of the most effective forms of discovering the causes of your symptoms. Pathogen scan can identify the cause and outline a treatment plan.


Quantum Resonance Analyzer  | Energy Healing

Quantum Resonance Analyzer gives an overall of your health and allows you to focus on what is required now.  Energy Healing is a deep dive into emotional and mental imbalances


Vitality Products

Lifewave x39 Patch |

Rife Machine

Experience a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Bring relief and achieve an improved quality of life.


Vitality Goddess 

Increase your frequency and uplevel your life. Beat food addiction, live your best life, activate radiance, happiness, metabolic power to turn back the hands of time.

Do you wish to learn more about my programs? 

Send me a message on the contact form below with your inquiry or book a call with me...

Thrive Vitality Brochure - Kerry and Marlene (2).png
Thrive Vitality Brochure - Kerry and Marlene (3).png

Beyond Cancer Survival

Thrive with Vitality

Are you a cancer patient or survivor seeking more than just survival?

Do you yearn to not just overcome cancer, but to thrive in the face of it?

The Thrive With Vitality program goes beyond traditional cancer treatment, offering a holistic approach to empower you

Thrive Vitality Brochure - Kerry and Marlene (3).png
Thrive Vitality Brochure - Kerry and Marlene (3).png
Thrive Vitality Brochure - Kerry and Marlene (3).png
An image of WILDFIT and Vitality Goddess Program Master Coach Kerry Dell

Meet Kerry

I am an international health coach and natural health practitioner. My focus is to align the body's physical, mental and spiritual health through natural health practices.

​As a Master Coach for both the WILDFIT and Vitality Goddess programs, I have coached over 6000 individuals internationally. Through my programs, I empower people to attain long-term health, weight loss, and increases vitality by addressing food psychology, behavioral change, and nutritional science.

Armed with state of the art body scanning technology and 25 years of transformative natural health experience, I am here to make your health goals a reality. 

What my clients say...

"As a colleague and mentor, Kerry has shown remarkable results in improving the health and well-being of clients. Personally, I have benefited from Kerry's programs, experiencing significant enhancements in my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Kerry's transformative approach seamlessly integrates spiritual and emotional well-being with physical vitality. Her commitment to living and working with integrity is evident, inspiring others to achieve vibrant health and well-being. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your life with Kerry Dell's life-enhancing programs."

- Dr. Cherye Rache

Chiropractor and Certified Spiritual Healer from New Zealand

Beach view, Relaxing Beach, Sunset, Shoreline

"It's your time to activate your best life ever!"

- Master Health Coach Kerry Dell

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